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How to create more time in your business without sacrificing your life!

Discover the 5 Proven Strategies to Stop Time Wasting & Master Managing your Activities to create more freedom in your business.

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  • The Proven 5 step Process to rewire your brain to prime yourself to take more action in less time (even when you've felt stuck for ages)

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  • The Secret Time-Management Strategy to slash your 'to-do' list which most entrepreneurs miss!

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Who is Lisa Suswain?

Former Royal Baller dancer, turned entrepreneur Lisa is a Business Mindset & Success Coach for female entrepreneurs.

Having grown her company, that she set up in 2007, to the size where she had international demand she franchised and has spent over a decade training her franchisees to achieve the success she did. Lisa then certified as a life coach, NLP & EFT practitioner and has many tools at her disposal to best help her clients develop their full potential.

During this time she has coached and mentored other entrepreneurs from holistic therapists to private members club owners to get the best out of themselves and their businesses. Lisa has been a guest speaker for marketing companies training other entrepreneurs and has won multiple awards, including from renowned Dragons Den investor Theo Paphitis, whilst also being featured in National Newspapers and glossy UK magazines 

Lisa realised that the success she had as a ballet dancer and as an entrepreneur was on the whole due to her mindset. This driven, postive mindset meant that success was the only way forward and what she has seen in other female entrepreneurs is the need for focus on this area, as well as an aligned strategy for business growth. Lisa's passion is celebrating her clients successes and seeing them achieve more than they dreamed possible.


Lisa has her own coach & mentor, Kim Calvert, who is Bob Proctor's No1. consultant so she is always working on improving her own mindset & strectching her capabilities which her clients undoubtedly benefit from.

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